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The EBSG 'Try Before You Buy' Program 

"Why be forced to choose based on demonstrations & proposals alone?"

EBSG introduced its 'Try Before You Buy' program in response to feedback from its existing customers who indicated that it would be easier to make an investment decision in favor of a new software solution if it were possible to genuinely 'try out' an application in a live and operational mode prior to purchase.

The typical '30 Day Free Trial' rarely affords you the opportunity to expose a product to the full rigours of live operational use and typically some functional restrictions also apply.

The 'Try Before You Buy' program from EBSG is designed to overcome this issue and also to eliminate completely the risk of you selecting the wrong application for your needs by providing you with a 'Pilot Installation' of any of our applications, with no functional restrictions whatsoever, for an agreed period of live operational use [up to 12 months in duration] before any investment decision need be taken on the application.

If either the application or the support services provided during the pilot period don't measure up then you simply walk away free and clear at the end of the pilot period with absolutely no additional cost or obligation.

EBSG is commited to tailoring 'Try Before You Buy' pilot projects to your precise requirements such that you not only get the chance to fully evaluate the application during the pilot period but the pilot group should also benefit significantly throughout the pilot period via the use of the system to support the achievement of the agreed pilot operational goals and objectives.

For more information on the 'Try Before You Buy' program simply register your interest via the link provided on the right and we will be glad to provide you with full details.

For more information on what would be best for your business why not give us a call or send us an email as described in the Contact session of this site. We look forward to hearing from you.

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