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The EBSG 'Competitive Upgrade' Program 

"The lack of budget doesn't need to prevent you from making the right decision"

The 'Competitive Upgrade Program' was first introduced by EBSG to 'rescue' one of its current clients from an almost disastrous system/ supplier failure.

The client in question had invested in a new IT help desk system a couple of years previously but after almost 24 months of tireless endeavour and ongoing 'teething troubles' had still not managed to fully implement the new solution and were continuing to operate their original - now 'legacy' system - in parallel due to their lack of confidence in the new application.

Relations with their supplier had all but broken down but with a significant financial investment in the new system having already been made and with absolutely no funding available to affect a change, our client felt 'locked-in' to an ongoing cycle of negativity and 'firefighting'.

In direct response to this scenario, EBSG proposed a solution that formed the basis of what has now become our standard 'Competitive Upgrade' contract offering.

After detailed analysis of the clients key functional requirements and overall system 'Success Criteria', EBSG agreed to supply a replacement system to meet the clients requirements in return for an agreed number of annual 'Subscription' payments.

The level of the annual 'subscription' was set specifically to be no greater than the prevailing and annually ongoing support & maintenance charge being levied by their existing supplier.

In this manner our client was able to simply 'divert' already budgeted funding from the failing system/supplier and re-apply them to secure a 'Competitive Upgrade' via EBSG with minimal to no financial impact whatsoever.

So before resigning yourself to being 'locked-in' to a failing system/supplier relationship due to the lack of funding for a new system aquisition, why not discuss your situation with us and see what we can do for you via a 'Competitive Upgrade'.

For more information on what would be best for your business why not give us a call or send us an email as described in the Contact session of this site. We look forward to hearing from you.

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