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The EBSG 'Application Adoption' Program 

"Do your in-house developed applications need a facelift?"

EBSG introduced its 'Application Adoption' program in response to the growing feedback from its existing customers indicating that they had a number of in-house developed Notes applications still performing key operational functions, which were badly in need of a 'face-lift' but for which they no longer had the in-house resources - or simply the 'band-width' to perform such remedial activities.

Other clients simply wanted a means of 'outsourcing' the workload associated with routine maintenance and support of these applications to a specialist development team that could provide consistent and ongoing continuity of service rather than having to repeatedly recruit and retrain development resources after personnel changes.

Whatever the motivation, the 'Application Adoption Program' is a proven means of upgrading the status of your in-house applications to that of a fully maintained, fully supported custom application with an agreed development roadmap and regular maintenance updates.

In reality, the 'Application Adoption' program can be regarded as the equivalent of 'Packaged Application Support & Maintenance' for your in-house developed applications.

As part of this program, EBSG will conduct an initial 'Application Audit' and then agree with you the required level of annual investment in a 'Support & Maintenance' contract to achieve your corporate goals and objectives for the application.

From that point forth, EBSG will assume the responsibility of support and maintenance for that application as if it were an off-the-shelf package and can even provide an ongoing Development Roadmap for the application should one be required.

Simply by applying a few of the standard EBSG 'Application Framework Components' to an in-house developed application can result in immediate benefits in the areas of enhanced User Interface, Data Security and Systems Access controls.

For more information on what would be best for your business why not give us a call or send us an email as described in the Contact session of this site. We look forward to hearing from you.

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