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The Essential Business Software Group [EBSG] is a specialist provider of packaged 'Workgroup Productivity Applications' for users of the IBM-Lotus web, mobile, social business and collaboration technology set. In addition, EBSG is a full-service "Web Application Hosting Partner" delivering "Cloud-Based Solutions" for everyone else. 

An Independent Software Vendor [ISV] in its own right - developing & marketing its own packaged applications - EBSG is also a Reseller of [& Hosting Partner for] a carefully selected portfolio of partner products, tools & utilities where EBSG has found offerings that represent truly 'best of breed' solutions in any given functional area. 

To complement its own internal resources and to provide the broadest possible professional service delivery capability, EBSG established "The EBSG Network" on January 1st 2011. 

The EBSG Network is a collaborative business network of Lotus Notes & Domino technical specialists, each of whom retain there own identity and independent business activities but who have chosen to complement those activities by becoming "Service" or "Vendor" Partners to EBSG and to support EBSG activities in their respective local geographies. 

The EBSG Network already embraces some 20 "Vendor Partner" as well as some 25 "Service Partner" organizations from around the world providing EBSG and its clients with access to well in excess of 750 fully certified and "expert level" Notes/Domino specialists over and above those employed directly by EBSG. 

Before the end of 2011, the EBSG Network will not only benefit from a membership spanning the length and breadth of the United States but will also benefit from international membership centered around and spanning most of the English speaking geographical regions of the world.

How are we different? 

EBSG offers a uniquely different value proposition for anyone seeking to source cost effective Notes/Domino productivity applications, tools or utilities &/or any Notes/Domino related expertise or professional services for their organization. 

Our strategic focus revolves around us finding and partnering with the very best minds, vendors and service providers in the industry - wherever they may be found globally - so that we can bring you a breadth of product and service delivery capability that is genuinely unrivalled from any other single source around the globe. 

Within that context, here are a few more specific things that set us apart: 

1. Our Development Level Support Program 

2. Our Software-as-a-Service Philosophy 

3. Our Try Before You Buy Philosophy 

4. Our Competitive Upgrade Program 

5. Our Application Adoption Program 

EBSG believes in taking time to really get to know its clients before entering into any project based engagement. So why not reach out and start that process today? 

Getting to know us comes free of any cost or obligation and you may be surprised to learn just how much your organization may benefit from being associated with this growing global community of experts?

EBSG: The Social Business & Collaboration Specialists

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